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In keeping with his roots (Iced Coffee was invented in Greece!), Georgios Kotsakis, founder of Nuova, sought to mix the exquisite tastes of Europe with the traditions and ideals of American coffee brewing – staying simple, organic, and fresh. In 2004, Georgios began researching the origins and range of brews, seeking to develop the best possible iced coffee blends. After careful and meticulous exploration, Nuova Iced Coffee made its first debut with customers at the 2009 Saratoga County Fair, and was rewarded with widespread and enthusiastic approval! Further praise was expressed as Nuova was incorporated into Saratoga Springs’ renowned bakery, The Bread Basket.

Full of rich history, culture, and vitality, Saratoga Springs is the birthplace of Nuova Iced Coffee. A tribute to the local tastes and flair, as well as the area’s celebrated natural springs, is expressed through Nuova’s unique accents, designed locally by Spinelli Art.

What makes Nuova so special? Nuova is a unique blend created from beans grown in various regions throughout South America and Africa. These beans brew a low acidity coffee, which reduces the bitter taste found in high acidity blends. Dark roasted, these beans produce a bold and rich taste with hints of chocolate, retaining their distinctive and exquisite flavor when poured over ice.